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Freelance writer specialising in film and culture. I've contributed to The Quietus, The Skinny, BFI & CineVue. I'm a OFCS member and in 2013 was nominated for a Richard Attenborough Award.

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Stalker 1979 001 two men article

Feature: '17 rare times when a director made five or more great films in a row ...'

I contributed some words about Andrei Tarkovsky for this BFI list.

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The 30 Best LGBT Films of All Time

I was asked to vote in the BFI's 'Best LGBT Films of All Time' poll. My individual Top 10, with brief explanations, can be found here:

Mepris le 1963 009 production shot jack palance fritz lang jean luc godard clapperboard michel piccoli 00m v7p article

BFI Feature: '10 great films that influenced Jean-Luc Godard'

Beginning his career as a film critic Jean-Luc Godard brought a vast knowledge of cinema to his films and revelled in opportunities to display diverse cinematic influences in both his work and his writing. When he first began to make films, Godard looked at the history of cinema as a toolbox in which to mould his own distinctive style; his early work often described as an intertextual deconstruction of popular American genre films.

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BFI Feature: 10 great films that inspired Andrei Tarkovsky | BFI

In an interview with Naum Abramov in 1970, Andrei Tarkovsky described cinema as “an art form which only a small number of directors have actually mastered, and they can be counted on the fingers of one hand”. An outspoken artist who emphatically saw cinema as a medium equipped to answer the myriad questions life puts forward, he could be critical of other filmmakers. He showed antipathy to the theories of early Soviet filmmakers and could often be heard disparaging the work of his contemporaries. However, he was also an avid writer, kept diaries during his shoots and often wrote about the role of film in modern society.